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Kitty is a 2 ½ year old female tortoiseshell cat with a short coat.  She has beautiful long whiskers!   Kitty is very affectionate, easygoing and likes to snuggle on your lap.   Kitty gets along with cat social dogs.   Kitty’s family recently lost their home and had to relocate to new place that […]

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Beauty is a gorgeous 2 year old adult female cat. She will dazzle you with her emerald eyes set in her apple shaped face. She has black plush short hair and is cuddly. She gets along with other cats and is currently in a foster home with other cats in Manhattan Beach. If you would […]

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Teri Face 2


Teri DOB March 2018 (Approximate) Teri is a small female with orange over white tabby markings. Teri is described as a shy cat from her foster Mom. She does warm up to you and enjoys playing with wand toys and the ball with a bell in it. She has been known to claim an empty […]

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Phantom 1


Phantom DOB March 2015 (Approximate) Phantom is a handsome, medium size, adult, light grey male tabby with a short soft coat. He is a total sweetheart! His foster Mom says he is a lap cat and loves to snuggle. Phantom loves to play with wand toys, plush toy mice and bat around ball toys. Phantom […]

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DOB:  July 27, 2017 (Approx.) Minnie is a vocal and smart little lap kitty.  She loves playing with other cats and playing with toys.  Her favorite toy is a mousey that she carries around in her mouth and guarding it from being taken from her, Minnie holds her front paw over her mouth whilst running on her […]

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DOB:  September 3, 2016   Beau is a male cat with a black and white short hair cat. He is very sweet with the people in his foster home but is shy at first with strangers.   Beau spends his time in his foster home playing with cat toys and socializing/playing with the other cats. […]

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DOB:  June 26, 2016 (Approx.) Josie is a mellow kitty with soft medium length fur and a bushy tail.  She is a completely sweet, considerate, and affectionate and friendly. Josie likes to play, but she really loves is to sit on your lap or be carried around on your shoulder.  She is good with other kitties. We […]

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