Heart & Soul

The heart and soul of every group is it’s people. PACT is no exception. Without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers, helpers, trappers, and foster homes, we would be out of business.

TO: Susan Friedman, Leah Creed, Peggy Hansen, Sue Freeman, Peggy Holten, June Grant, Jane Frommer, Deborah Larvine, Helen Holden, Anita Meistral, Sally Thoman, and a host of foster caregivers not specifically mentioned.

FOR: Giving up Saturdays to work adoptions.
FOR: Providing safe, loving foster homes for cats in need.
FOR: Bottle feeding orphaned kittens.
FOR: Spending hours to trap/fix/release feral cats.
FOR: Countless runs to the vet.
FOR: All the phone calls and emails answered.
FOR: All the days (and weeks) spent working to socialize feral kittens and shy cats.
FOR: Xeroxing and filing and mailing and record keeping.
FOR: Promoting The Welfare Of All Cats.

To all of you, for all you do: THANK YOU!

Where to Find Us Now!

Note: Due to COVID-19 concerns all adoptions are by appointment. We are not holding our weekly adoptions at PETCO, please check back for updates.

PACT Holds Cat & Kitten Adoption Shows Every Saturday From 11am to 3pm at PETCO in Redondo Beach, CA.
537 North Pacific Coast Highway
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