Zoey – Young Female Teenager

Zoey (Approx DOB 02/12/2023)
Female domestic shorthair teenager with a calico/tuxedo/tortie coat and green eyes.
Zoey has been in a foster home since the first week in August when she was six months old. 
She was rescued in August along with a bunch of other cats in a reproducing cat colony in Southgate. She’s shy with people at first, it took her about a month to really warm up to her foster. She does hide when visitors (friends and housekeeper) come over but is very loving and present with her foster mom. We think she will grow up to be a very loving, wonderful cat. She might be ok with older kids who are gentle, and know how to treat cats, but we think she would be best in a quiet home.
Zoey loves being petted and played with – especially interactively with wand toys and string. She loves to carry around a little blue puff and plays fetch with her foster mom. She rubs up against her foster mom’s legs at feeding time, and loves Fancy Feast. She likes to sleep on the bed with her foster mom, on her legs. She is perfectly litter box trained, and has never had any mishaps. She is a talker, especially when she’s feeling lonely or playful, but she doesn’t meow. Instead she makes this little brrroooppp sound that is so cute.
Her current foster would love to keep her but her senior resident cat does not want to play or cuddle with Zoey and has been hostile towards her. Being that she is from a colony, she really loves other cats. She is precious and ideally needs to be in a home with another young cat that likes to play. She might even be OK with a dog, hard to say, but she seems to really crave the company of other animals. She’s crazy about other cats and would love to have a cat buddy or two. She might even be fine as an only cat, for someone who is home a lot and can give her lots of love. 
She is spayed and tested negative for everything, up to date on vaccines.  Has been treated for fleas and dewormed. 

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