DOB:  April 5, 2017 (Approx.)

Spock is an adult male cat with short hair and black and white markings. He has the most extraordinary ears that give him an exotic look.

Spock loves to sit on laps and curl up in a ball. He is a very affectionate cat. He purrs, makes biscuits, will follow you around the house and talk to you in purr-talk. He such a wonderful companion.  Spock is cat social, outgoing, confident and loves to play. He has a blast playing with the feather wand toy and batting toys around in any recently arrived empty Amazon box.

In his leisure time he enjoys sitting in the living room window and watching birds and butterflies.

We usually have over 40 kittens and cats at our adoption shows that are available for immediate adoption. Not all of them are posted on this web site.











































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