DOB July 1, 2018

Rebel earned his name due to his adventurous personality. He loves to help his foster mom use the computer. He gets right on the keyboard and starts typing.

His coat is orange tabby over white, domestic short hair with gold eyes. Small frame.

Rebel LOVES people and other cats and possibly will work with a dog.

Will work with most children.

Can be single cat… depending on situation.

Originally a bottle fed baby.

Gets into things, very playful, loves laps, chest and shoulders. He is a master biscuit maker at adoptions. He is so sweet and loving. Such an awesome nugget of a cat!

We also have his siblings Duchess and Redford Jr.

We usually have over 40 kittens and cats at our adoption shows that are available for immediate adoption. Not all of them are posted on this web site.





















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