15 Year old (approximate age) Male Senior

Rambo’s is a handsome senior. His former owner moved out of the country and left him in the apartment complex where they lived for the past 11 + years. Rambo had a guardian angel at the complex that cared for him after he was abandoned. Rambo recently went to a foster home and we are hoping to learn more about him and update his bio. What we do know is he takes lots of naps, likes to be brushed and he will tell you in a very polite way if he is hungry. He loves to drink running water and has his very own cat fountain water bowl.

Rambo has been to the vet for blood work/urine tests, vaccinated and tested negative for any diseases.

He was the only pet in the home, so we do not know how he is with other cats. We were told he is afraid of dogs.

More info to come…