Mickey – Male Kitten (Part of a Bonded Pair With Mustache)

Mickey and Mustache (Bonded pair of sibling kittens)
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DOB 2/14/2020
Mickey – 5 Month old MALE, medium length hair. Named after Mickey Mouse since he has the black ears like the mouse.

Mustache – 5 Month old FEMALE, short hair. Named after her adorable face markings that look like she has a little kitty mustache. She is smaller than her brother and is a delicate female.

This adorable pair both have white coats with unique and beautiful black markings. They are bonded brother and sister and must be adopted together.

Mickey and Mustache are very active kittens that love to play together, sleep together and groom each other. Favorite activities include playing with feather wands, bird watching in the window, playing with rope toys, catnip toys and batting around ball toys with a bell inside. Cat scratchers have been a hit with these two as well. When they rest you can find them in the kitty hammock or their favorite chair with a fluffy blanket snuggling.

Mickey is more outgoing that Mustache who is a bit more on the shy side but he gives her confidence and brings her out of her shell. Mustache will sit on your lap and enjoy being pet once she warms up to you.

Both can be sensitive to new surroundings and loud noises

Both kittens are fixed (spayed female and neutered male) up to date on age appropriate vaccinations, tested negative for any diseases, microchipped and received flea treatment.

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