Jill (of the Jack and Jill duo)

DOB: August 21, 2017 (Approx)

Date Posted: April 2, 2019

Jill of the Jack and Jill duo is an adult female, domestic short hair, black and white tuxedo.

Jack & Jill lived on a 45 foot sailboat at a Yacht club with their owners until recently.  ‘Dad’ was caring for his wife who has dementia, and he recently had a brief illness, then unexpectedly died. This has left the cats without their lovely sailboat and their two human companions, and the extended family can not take them in. The cats are currently in foster care and looking to be placed together in a loving, somewhat quiet home with no young children. We have no way to know if the cats know dogs. They clean each other, talk to humans, she kneads her paws constantly (making biscuits), and they are well bonded with each other. 

They like cat nip, toys, interacting with humans, and climbing on top of things high.  They would do well with a large, multi-level cat tree, preferably next to a window as they both also like to look out the window.

We will be posting new photos of them this coming weekend. Please be sure to look at Jack’s profile to see clear pictures of him 🙂 

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