Timber – Siamese Lynx Point

Timber- 2 year old, male blue eyed male Siamese Lynx Point

Timber is an exceptionally beautiful, warm and affectionate fellow who really wants his own person.

He is a good fit for someone who wants a companion cat to share their day with.  He is happiest when he is with someone he trusts.

He does get along with other cats and dogs, but he loves to be with someone who interacts with him.  He is not needy; just loving.

He currently has adjusted very nicely into living in a foster home with dogs and cats.

He’s young and healthy and loves to play.  His blue eyes are slightly crossed and when he’s excited and happy playing they seem to be even a bit more crossed which makes him quite adorable.

He likes to sleep on the bed at night.  And he is an explorer who will check out any cabinet door that he can open.  He is good natured, easy to care for and has a good appetite.

He has a small meow and mainly does purr talk.  He will be some fortunate person’s best friend.


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